Founded in 1991 in Seattle, Washington

About JF Designs

Creative results for my clients since 1991.

JF Designs LogoJF Designs was created out of a deep desire to develop technology and design solutions for business entrepreneurs.

In our beginning, was Aldus PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop 1.0, BBEdit, and Netscape Beta v.94. Amazon was a garage venture in our hometown of Seattle, WA. We saw first hand the birth of the internet. And thus, anyone with a business idea had access to a global customer. My first HTML page was made on a Mac using TextEdit. It was magical.

After all of these years and many projects later, I still believe in small business. It is my mission to help success-oriented entrepreneurs all across the United States to achieve their goals.

Count on me to challenge the status quo. You can rely on me for a boosted brand strategy and brand identity that delivers results. I listen hard. I will lead and guide.

It is my mission to help success-oriented entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

I listen to my clients.

As a small business branding expert, I am built to deliver extraordinary results. As a strategic listener and creative thinker, I bring more than 30 years of real-world experience to each meeting and every plan. This allows me to help my clients avoid costly mistakes in their branding and marketing efforts.

With easy-to-understand simple methods, I have taken the complexity out of the way your business needs to brand and promote. The results: a terrific record of profitable clients who come back year after year.

Customer service is not a cliche with me. It is at the heart of my work method. I can’t read minds… yet. Although most of my clients think that I can. I simply listen to my clients, and then I try to exceed their expectations.

Should I be so lucky to have you as a new client, I can assure you, that you will feel just as lucky to be working with me.

About JF Designs Jay Forde Web Designer

About Jay Forde

I am a husband and father of two. I enjoy coaching decision-makers in their branding strategy providing the full service they need to boost that strategy. In my professional life and personal life, I will challenge the people I meet to reach for their personal and professional best.

I started work at a premier Seattle design agency. There I created web solutions for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, Esterline Technologies, RazorFish, Xilinx, and many others.

For several years I also worked as Communication Director for a non-profit in the Seattle-Tacoma area. During that time I managed the branding identity and provided organizational leadership, staff development, public speaking, and training.

For over 30 years I have provided collateral identity, graphic design, web development, and photography through JF Designs, my creative technology, and consulting business.

I believe in offering others the same thing that was offered to me: The power to become our best. This power exists in each of us. We all have the ability to design our success, and we all can use a boost in that endeavor!

Let’s boost your brand success!

About JF Designs Jay Forde Web Designer brand consultant