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Billing Policy

Bono Fidei

Billing Policy

Bono Fidei

Credit Card Payments

Our preferred means of payment is via our online payment form. To pay by credit card please click here.


Check Payments

You may mail check payments to: 

JF Designs
815 First Avenue #77
Seattle Washington 98104

Collection Procedures for Delinquent Accounts

Please read the following policy carefully so there is no misunderstanding. If your account becomes overdue after the due date on the invoice the following will occur. You will receive a reminder via e-mail that we have not received your payment. If payment is not received within 5 days of your past due date your service will be restricted and functionality will be denigrated. If your account becomes more than 60 days past due, your data will be removed from the servers and your account will be referred to our collection and legal departments. If you fail to pay for services rendered, we will report the delinquency to the credit bureau which will impact your credit rating. If we pursue a legal remedy and obtain a judgment against you, we will seek to enforce that judgment. If you pay and we receive a notice of returned payment for any reason to include insufficient funds and/or fraud, we will charge you a minimum service fee of $35. We will also charge you all associated costs to include attorney and collection fees. We look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Finance Charges

Invoices are aged from the date of the order. Finance charges will be assessed to all accounts with invoices 30 days or more past due.  The finance charge amount is calculated for each invoice or previous finance charge entry by the number of days past due, times the daily finance charge rate (.18 divided by 365).  If the calculated finance charge amount is less than the minimum finance charge of $.50, the minimum amount will be used instead of the calculated amount.

Any questions regarding your bill may be sent to or you may call 206-973-3815.

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Hi, I am Jay Forde, owner of JF Designs. I specialize in complete, integrated design packages. From your business card and brochure to your Web site and Internet presence, I can put together a complete solution to reflect the best of your business.

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